Technology Sector Business Case

NonStop Suite Supports Technology-Based Organizations.


Technology Companies Rely On Excellent Asset Management

NonStop Suite™️ provides organizations a suite of solutions that identify and track assets in real time. Especially in the Technology sector, organizations need a comprehensive solution to track their most important assets, at all times.

Key Challenges

  • A majority of companies still track assets manually. 
  • There is unreliable data, as well as missing accuracy for the highest levels of safety.
  • Elements such as water, steel, and temperature were causing issues with recording the data.
  • Unsafe levels for employees who had to climb to higher heights to check the current paper tag.
  • The saltwater and metal made the current tag detach from the equipment and hard to read more often than not.
  • Overall lack of asset visibility.
  • Time-consuming labor-intensive manual processes of recording assets and their locations were costing them hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars annually.
  • Lack of inventory management.

Improvements Measured

  • Accurately track the location of valuable assets, while saving money, and improving control of certificates for better insurance reporting.
  • The remote identification system protects the health and safety of the operator’s remote identification of assets.
  • Because the tags work on metal and plastic, they were able to tag items like floaters, buoys, cranes, pipes, drilling equipment, and vessels. Operators are also able to program and attach new tags on the spot. 
  • Reduced downtime by 22%.
  • Lowered operational accidents by 76%.
  • Time saved by replacing their manual process 67%.
  • Saved thousands if not millions of dollars.
  • Complete inventory management control and visibility.

Are You Ready to Future-Proof Your Asset & Data Management While Mobilizing Your Workforce?

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