Transportation Sector Business Case

NonStop Suite Supports Transportation-Based Organizations.


Transportation Companies Rely On Excellent Asset Management

NonStop Suite™️ provides organizations with a suite of solutions to identify and track assets in real time. Especially in the transportation sector, organizations need a comprehensive solution to track their most important assets, at all times.

Key Challenges

  • Premature buying of assets and vehicles
  • Visibility of assets in real-time
  • Managers using spreadsheets which doesn’t allow team members to access needed information.
  • Lack of productivity and efficiency due to manual processes
  • Vulnerable to theft of inventory becoming a major issue
  • Unplanned maintenance of vehicles
  • Employee accountability and traceability

Improvements Measured

  • One application that allows multiple users to be available offline as well as online
  • Real-time asset availability and location
  • Increased lifetime of vehicles by 27% saving thousands of dollars
  • Notifications sent through mobile device
  • Decreased loss of assets and product
  • Increased employee productivity by over 15%
  • Passed their asset audit
  • Ability to see KPI’s and pull reports with ease

Are You Ready to Future-Proof Your Asset & Data Management While Mobilizing Your Workforce?

Enhance your organization’s return on assets and asset life cycle management with a best-practice driven EAM partner.

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